A to Z

A small guide to show You all the needs to start participating in Cryptocurrency Airdrops and how to get Real money into your bank account after having earned your Crypto tokens

The first thing You need to participate in Cryptocurrency airdrops is an Ethereum wallet with ERC20 standards - we do suggest the easier way to create one; MyEtherWallet.

Here is explained how to get one and how to handle it in a VIDEO.
Here there is a written explanation.

You will also need a Telegram account.

Usually, these airdrop coins will require you to sign up for their Telegram accounts. Do not leave the Telegram accounts until they airdropped coins or you risk disqualification for the airdrop.

A Telegram account is linked to your Mobile phone but you can also get a Telegram Web version on your pc if this is better for You. On this page You can select the preferred tg version.

We suggest You to create a dedicated Gmail account for your Airdrops. After You join a few, You will get several different emails from every company with their ICO information, token proposal, affiliate suggestions and so on..

Don't do our initial mistake not to keep airdrop emails separate from one of our main accounts, it will take you 2 minutes to signup for a new, dedicated Gmail account.

You will need a Twitter account.

Similar to the reasons behind the Telegram account, many of the airdrop coins will also require you to follow them on Twitter.

In order to check your Airdropped tokens, You can use ethplorer

Just put your Ethereum Address in the search box on the upper-right corner and press enter.
The result of your search will show You all the tokens (airdropped and purchased if you have any) related to that Ethereum address as shown below:

OK, You got your tokens, but what is the difference between Tokens, Coins and Altcoins?
Here is a detailed explanation

Now that You have your Tokens You may want to exchange them into Ethereum or Bitcoin, or even FIAT currency like US Dollars...Right?

Our suggestion is to exchange your Tokens into BTC, then You will need to exchange BTC to USD to be able to send them to your Debit Card or Bank.

Let's do that step by step:

  1. Look at the Ethplorer image above. You notice that some tokens/coins have Dollar Sign and a value and some do not. The ones with dollar sign are already listed on exchanges, the other don't. We can exchange only the ones listed on exchanges..obvious :o)

  2. Now, to make an example, let's take one of the tokens listed on exchanges; StockChain Coin

    Where is StockChain Coin listed?..On which exchanges?
    We can find where this coin is listed on CoinMarketCap

  3. Let's search for StockChain on the search box of CoinMarketCap (CMC) or, if we know the name of the currency we can call it directly:

    Now, on CMC the stockchain page you have to look for the "Markets" TAB. Click on it and a list of exchanges where StockChain Coin is listed will show up.

    StockChain Coin is only listed at HitBtc (at the time of writing)..WOW, this is a good exchange!

  4. Now we need an account at HitBtc to exchange StockChain Coin to Bitcoin; here is the link to this pair. Today i would get approximately 0.0000065 BTC for each SCC for the total of 0.0000325 BTC.

    Good!..Now we have my 0.0000325 BTC sitting on our HitBtc account..can we exchange them to USD now?.. No, unfortunately not at HitBtc or any other similar exchange. We will need to make an additional last step.

  5. There are a few places where it is possible to exchange BTC or ETH to USD. We do use a couple; CoinBase and CoinPayments

    On these 2 Exchanges we can exchange our 0.0000325 BTC into a whopping...$0.30 (look again at the ethplorer image above..the current total was already calculated by Ethplorer!)
    We better wait for our StockChain to grow in value..LOL.

    However, once We do this last exchange, We would be able to send, directly from one of the 2 accounts, Real money to our Debit Card or Bank Account.

Finally this was only an example to show You the needed steps to exchange a "Token" or "Coin" to US Dollars in order to be able to use them at your ..Bakery for example. Many other coins have a much better value than the one used in this example and You'd get a better exchange rate to BTC. You should wait otherwise..who know where our 5 Stockchain coins will be in value in 1 year?